Terms & conditions

Last revision: September 12th 2022

This page contains some terms, but we will keep it easy. It is required by law to draw up general terms and conditions and make them accessible to anyone who is interested. We want nothing more than for you to know exactly what is going on on our website and where you stand. The Terms and Conditions are translated directly into English from Dutch and may therefore contain errors. No rights can be derived from this. 

Section 1: general information

The legal relationship that arises between Dadema Marketing, legal person under Dutch law, with address at Tijberg 3, 2716LH Zoetermeer, 74680803, NL002397777B58 (IBAN: NL66KNAB0415745470). Dadema Marketing is active and legally represented in the following countries with company tax numbers: France (FR43909385551), Germany (DE353216945), Italy (IT03980760049) and Spain (ESN0111017J). The customer will be treated as described in these general terms and conditions.

The customer is deemed to know and accept these general terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply to every agreement, regardless of its nature, and will take precedence over the terms and conditions drawn up by the client. Any agreement that conflicts with the terms and conditions stated below will only have value to Dadema Marketing after we have expressly acknowledged it in writing.

Section 2: proposals

In some cases, Dadema Marketing prepares a unique quote with an explanation of the requested services and corresponding prices on request of the client. These quotations are drawn up with price calculations that are indicative unless it is expressly stated that it concerns a fixed price that has been agreed between Dadema Marketing and the client. The quotations made are only valid for the person(s) to whom they are addressed.

These quotations shall be valid for a period of 2 (two) months from the time they are sent. They are non-binding and do not constitute an order confirmation. The customer cannot derive any rights from the preparation of this price indication.

If a customer has concluded a subscription for a service through the Stripe portal, no quotation will be made. Leaving the payment details and agreeing to the monthly direct debit count as a confirmation of agreement. The customer receives a 7 day FREE trial period, during which they can cancel the subscription at any time. If the customer is unable to stop the trial period within the first 7 days, the first month will be charged. The customer can then cancel the subscription for the next month.

Section 3: project confirmation

When the customer accepts the proposal, in most cases an order confirmation will be sent. This confirmation must be signed by the customer. It will contain the actual prices and services to be delivered. Verbal acceptance or acceptance by means of electronic communication must also be confirmed by the customer with a signature. This article does not apply to subscriptions. The agreement commences after the subscription has been entered into without proposal or confirmation. After this, Dadema Marketing starts the project.

The customer only has the possibility to revoke the signed confirmation if a harmful incident has occurred. However, the customer will be stuck with the original payment obligation for the works already performed.

Section 4: advance payment

Once the client has accepted and signed the order confirmation, an advance payment of 50% (fifty percent) of the total amount will be requested. This advance payment must be made within a period of 15 (fifteen) working days, unless otherwise suggested by Dadema Marketing. If, after agreement and signature of the order confirmation, the client revokes, modifies or renounces this confirmation, the client will not be entitled to a refund of the advances paid.

Section 5: delivery window

The proposed deadlines for delivery are indicative. Dadema Marketing always strives for quality and has the right to postpone the delivery with a maximum of 10 (ten) working days, without this affecting its liability in any way. Dadema Marketing will notify the client in time, no later than 2 working days in advance.

Section 6: execution of tasks

Dadema Marketing will be free to carry out the assignment according to the original assignment or quotation. In doing so, they have the right to call upon the services of specialized third parties if they deem this necessary for the proper execution of the assignment. Dadema Marketing has the right to appoint these third parties at its own discretion.

The customer is required to perform all necessary cooperation actions required for the execution of the assignment. The client is expected to provide at least (but not limited to) the following information to Dadema Marketing: necessary data, passwords, usernames, additional information and the timely answering of any questions is necessary. The customer accepts that a lack of cooperation will have consequences for the completion date proposed by Dadema Marketing and the associated costs. Any negative consequences of a lack of cooperation from the customer will be entirely at his expense. This will be regarded as additional work.

If necessary, the development of an order can be divided into partial orders, each of which will be carried out within the individually established time frame. The execution of a sub-assignment that follows an earlier assignment can be made dependent on the client’s explicit and written approval (or as an attachment in an e-mail) of the previous sub-assignment. The communication between Dadema Marketing and the client must always run smoothly in these cases. If the client is unable to respond in time, this will be regarded as additional work.

Section 7: delivery and warranty

Once the assignment has been completed, Dadema Marketing will proceed with the final delivery. This delivery will consist of a handover of the developed products accompanied by clear communication. No guarantees are given as to results. Each product, service, webs